Photographing BIM

I just finished doing some large renderings to make posters to hang around the office. I like to do my images by making Mental Ray think it's 2 am, then pretend I'm taking really long exposures. It gives this soft shadowing because it just uses the light from the sky dome.


  1. Hey Zach,
    great Blog, great content.
    I especially like the rendering tricks - thanks heaps

  2. Hi Zach;
    good work.So much to learn, so little time.
    Keep it up!

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  4. Hey, sorry to comment on an old post, but that third image is very striking, is it something you have worked on??
    A post on it, or just some information on it would be great! Let me know on my email (on the profile)

  5. hey Zach your works a crazy out of the world. If it isn’t a burden can you post a tutorial on creating the cable stayed bridge and the sky dome! Thank you so much for this awesome blog.

  6. Zach, I'm trying to recreate your images here to help reinforce my knowledge of the CDE, I just have a quick question about the bridge:
    Is the road built into your Adaptive Component? If not, did you provide reference points in the component to allow creation of splines for the road?

    I tried including the road into the adaptive component and all the points went all wonky on me. Not sure what happened so I was hoping to get some clue form you :)



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