Curved Mullions

Recent question from a reader:

Question: "Lets say I have a surface thats a loft of irregular splines. The divided surface I have is 10ish U curves running in the cross-section direction, and one in the V curve in the perpendicular. I build a curtain panel of a 2'x2' crossection that I sweep along one of the U pattern-edges. But when I bring it into the project and apply to the irregularly shaped divided surface it doesn't follow the splines, it just shoots straight across as if its trying to facet. is there a way around this? basically a curtain mullion that follows organically along a spline"

Answer: "Yes-ish"

More to come, but in the meantime, here's a file to puzzle over.


  1. Hi Zach,

    I am wondering if there was a follow-up post for this one. I am trying to create a greenhouse which has curved mullions and upon applying the regular mullion profile they go out of shape, they look more like a truss. Any help is appreciated !! Also, the link is expired FYI.


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