Revit 2010 Family API Webcast

A webcast about Revit Family API has just been posted here:

This is information is freely available to anyone and will be of use to whoever is interested in learning Revit Family API. Good Luck!


  1. Hello Zach,
    can u please tell me what the potential of family API. I am an architect and want to be able to create more than standart tools available.



  2. Hi Ersin,
    The potential of the API is huge, and there are may people who could talk at length about the general use of the functionality. Could you say more specifically what you would like to achieve? As a very general description, the API is a programming interface that allows you do do whatever you can do manually in Revit, but in an automated way. It also allows a pipeline for some data from external applicationa to be used in Revit. Jeremy Tammik's blog is a wealth of information on the Revit API.


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