Brushes with the Inescapably Awesome

There's a Felix Candela show at the MIT Museum that has some of his sketch books and a couple of lovely wooden models. I can't get it out of my head and it's starting to get in my way. In related news, the construction guys across the street were rocking out to THIS, and I'm stuck repeating it over and over. Certain pleasures need to be enjoyed cautiously.

Download the Candela sketch .rvt here. Buy the song, and then bury it in your back yard.


  1. Awesome! I always look forward to your posts. It's the only blog that shows the fun side of Revit. Us common folks get to deal with the mundane stuff all the time haha. Keep up the inspiring mind benders!

  2. Beautiful work Zach

  3. how to do something like sydney opera house


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