Hi Ho Coffer Dome!

Psst, hey kid . . . want to make the dome of the Pantheon in 220 seconds* with revit 2010?

1. Extract the contents of this .zip file to a folder on your machine
2. Identify the file pimpMyDome.txt
3. Put on your headphones.
4. drag and drop pimpMyDome.txt into your Revit 2010 desktop shortcut.
5. while revit is starting up, click on this link:

When it's all over, inspect the folder were pimpMyDome.txt was, you get a PRIZE! A freshly baked parametric coffer panel!

If this fails, or you don't have revit 2010, or if you are a low minded BIM pragmatist who can't be bothered with the full glory of watching a journal file play your Revit installation like the elegant, precision instrument that it is, you can get the low fidelity video of the event here (play full screen, please):

Times may vary depending on processor speed and RAM
Shut down any other sessions of Revit before starting.
Running these .txt file journals in Revit is a fickle process. Sorry if it doesn't work.
If you run it once, you have to remove the Coffer.rfa that gets spit out at the end before running it again.
[edit: here is the panel in r2012]


  1. Bravissimo Zach!

    Another great example of how to create a jig using points and lines, and then wrap geometry around the them to make the geometry flex correctly. The more Revit can help designers think parametrically, the better.

    Also on the topic of pre-rationalized design thinking, it's great to see the tools we designed to help rationalize the newest doubly-curved surfaces be applied in way's you might not expect. How many people draw the parallels to the Pantheon, to one of the most iconic buildings we've all had seared into our sculls in architecture school?

    Of course, I'm more a fan of Borromini, so maybe the next step would be San Carlino alle Quattro in Rome:


    Great work, keep it up!

    - matt

  2. Seems to me Borromini would be a hexagon pattern... Not sure, will need to experiment... ;)

  3. I got an Error 404: File Not Found (insert unhappy face here)

  4. Sorry, I was doing a little house cleaning and removed the wrong file. Should be good now.

  5. Horray ... Works Perfectly...Much faster than the youtube Video ...I'm Running a Core 2 Duo Precessor with 3 Gigz of RAM + 128 kbps Shared internet Connection!!!

    This seems an extremly Rocking Blog........ I've Subscribed to it

    Thank you sir

  6. ha ha ha ha ! kudos to conductor Zach...enjoyed it thoroughly


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