Talkin' Smack O' Laterns

So some folks at Inventor are saying that no one can do parametric pumpkins like they can, that in competition with Revit "It wouldn't even be a fair fight". From the Revit side, there have been responses that would make my Grandmother say "I told you not to run with that shady crowd of workplane based ruffians!" Any response from Max with some mad modifiers? Can Grasshopper put down these self important feature based trash talkers? Perhaps a Blender based bonanza of blobby booleans?

And for anyone who wants a starter file for Revit, here's a journal to get you rolling.
Unzip folder, drag and drop HH.txt into your r2010 desktop shortcut, and hit this link for musical accompaniment.


  1. wow thats awesome! i would love to know how u make the journal file but looks a bit complex for me! :)

  2. Hi Zach,

    Being a Revit fan I hate to admit that I got carried on the addition of parameters trying to make "Grasshopper put down these self important feature based trash talkers"...
    Did I succeed? I look forward to the veredict of the Jury!

    Thanks for the entertaining,


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