One More Time Around our Little Yellow Star!

Merry Happy everyone! Thanks so much to all of you who have read and contributed to this blog during it's tender first months, I hope it's been as fun for you as it's been for me. There's so much more to say and show about the tools we are all continuing to learn about, I hope I can make it worth your while to come back and read some more.

The softwares we all love and hate so much are unbelievably deep and complex. Created by hundreds of hands, employed by thousands, the repercussions and mutations of these organisms can never be entirely predicted by their creators. These tools aren't like hammers or pencils or cars, but more like elephants. They can lift and pull enormous loads, but they also stand on one foot, play jokes on each other, and occasionally get scared and trample their keepers. They're like wines, with good years and bad years, but always intoxicating. Enjoy and beware!

With any luck, the coming year will be an easier one, 2009 was exciting and new and interesting and no picnic in many ways. Let's give the ship a big push and take another spin around, or as the little babies being bounced on knees say: "Again! Again!"


  1. mmm, nice image. looks like cilia on a paramecium...

  2. Zac, keep up the great work. It's always a pleasure and very refreshing to study your posts and material. Some of us don't get to play with some of the features very often so it's good to keep our brains well fed with such nutritional material! I hope that you and the rest of the Factory have a wonderful New Year.

  3. @Matt: thought you were an architect, not a biologist! :-)


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