Set the massing tools free(ish)

User question: "Can I make a 3d sweep using the conceptual modeling spline by points tool, but not have my sweep stuck in the massing category?" As always, the answer is a resounding "sorta".

I've heard this question for issues ranging from folks wanting to do accurate and complex curbing for parking lots to wiggly columns. I'll show an example for how to make structural supports for curtain walls.
The same principle applies to do any category: make a dummy 3d shape in massing and use the edge of it to guide a sweep made in any other in-place mass category. Hackalicious

Sorry again for poor sound quality, one of these days I'll get a real mic.


  1. Cool stuff! Very, very neat tip. Thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Great work. Seeing how you did the curtain panel with the 'peg-leg' and visible reference point was very helpful.

    Dude, you got a seriously deep voice...Next year at AU, i think you ought to sing some Barry White at the karaoke night.


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