Badass Wall Trimming Method

This is just too nasty, you should stop reading.

You're still here? OK, well, since it's just the two of us, I'll show you. But you have to promise not to use this, definitely not in a project, OK? OK.

And don't tell anyone.

User question: "Walls don't join to curtain panels, so how do I trim my walls against a curved panel system?"

[Sigh . . .well, if you're still going to watch, you should play this at the same time. And yes, that really is Jesse Jackson.]


  1. Interesting, the structural coulmn never had that cutting power before i believe. you could make one column a reverse negitive of your mass plus some extra, create a workset that by default is turned off, place this one object on that workset and join it to all your walls, nice clean model....

  2. Very evil!!! Infact Darth Vadar evil! :-) Cheers for sharing.

  3. Loved it - especially with the sound track! I was sad that the music ended before the video. Funny, i didn't even know you were narrating until the music was over. Why is it that you have to even join the columns to the walls. Don't regular old Arch columns cut walls automatically?


  4. Why exactly is this a problem? Is it because you're adding columns that don't actually exist (which would screw up your schedules).

  5. Sweet! Similar approach was discussed here:

    I have an evil cutting method I used recently. Need to post that, maybe this weekend.

  6. Clever.

    Would using the "Multiple Join" option when joining be a little faster?

  7. Arch columns are cut by walls, structural columns cut walls


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