Sgambellurian Physics and Phorm Phinding: Nucleussimo!

[Edit: Nucleus is no longer available in Vasari since it went to Beta]
Marcello Sgambelluri has done it again.  Again we are awed by (and a little worried for) Marcello. This time around he is showing his mad Nucleus skillz in Vasari
Sgambellurian Physics
The haiku-like explanation of the video by the author:
“total time
...30 hours (not including family building)
Revit mass families used as colliders and hosted onto Nucleus surfaces”
Based on this description, and seeing the behaviors in the video, I have experimented a bit and found that, yes, there is quite a bit you can do by hosting collider elements on Nucleus surfaces.  A bit of genius, a bit of madness, it keeps things interesting. (Did we mention that the head, the plane, and the elephant are all Marcello’s native Revit geometry?)
Marcello is the BIM Manager at John A Martin and Associates Structural Engineers in LA. He builds families to Beta Test Revit in his spare time and has also spoken at AU about Revit.
Summary Haiku:

Put forms on point planes

Nucleus gravity fiat

Autumn leaves fall up


  1. super cool. i was trying to do something similar but way more basic and failed. cheers to marcello! incredible work.


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