Tim Waldock: Designing in Revit Using Parametric Formulas


I’m coming a little late to the party, as David Light and Steve Stafford have already linked to this very cool teaser video by Tim Waldock for his class at RTC North America in a couple months, and Australasia RTC later this month . 

Revit 2012 Adaptive Component–RTC2011 Preview

Tim also sent me the handout for this class, and I’ll just point out a couple features of what he’s going to cover.

  • Nesting, a very important concept for breaking complex geometry into discrete parts
  • Reporting Parameters, as a means to access data and control geometry.
  • Formulas, as a means to make sense of your data and get it to talk to other data.

What’s also valuable is pointing out what these tools lack.  Tim has a long list of very justified problems and limitations.  If you are already familiar with the tools, you probably know these, but if you aren’t, it is helpful to know about them before getting started.  Perhaps the most apparent are the limitations in array functionality, particularly in adaptive components.  He has several tips and tricks for working around and with the limitations in repeating many elements in a controlled manner.  But the availability of numerous workarounds really foregrounds the problems Revit has with this fairly basic need.

So if you find yourself in Orange County California at the end of June, drop into Tim’s talk and get yourself some knowledge.