Your Move, Case: a holiday chess set


Dave Fano over at Case put together a nice workset checkers game for your holiday enjoyment.  Myself, I’m more of a chess guy, so here’s a chess set family: 6 types, 1 parametric spline, 2 voids.


Download Case’s gameboard with Buildz chess pieces.

Don’t wait for the end of the holidays.  Besides, you need a reason to get away from your relatives for a little while . . .


  1. Why didn't someone think of this a long time ago?

    Pretty soon we'll be playing Battleship with clash detection - and David Light can make it Star Wars themed.

  2. Cool stuff! :-) Now we only need the Worksharing enabled chess add-in!

  3. Workset 1 black
    Workset 2 White
    Borrow to "take" :)


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