Arc wall flattener


A great question the other day from some guys on the the construction end of things.  “Is there a way to make a flattened view of a wall that is an arc in plan?”





The method is a combination of the Reporter and Projection patterns, a reading of one set of data (portions of the curved wall) and feeding that data into another place to recreate it in another context (flattened abstraction).

“Re-present (abstract or transform) information from a model.”

“Produce a transformation of an object in another geometric context.”

You can download the 3 pick adaptive component here.  Basic rules for use:  pick the start(1), middle(2), and end (3) of the bottom of the arc wall, then pick the floating “shape handle” point and rehost it to the top of the wall above the end(3) point.  The representation of the flattened wall can be pulled around by a fifth point.


But for those who want to understand it, please check out the longish step by step construction, 24 minutes.

Arc Wall Flattener


  1. Awesome!
    just a start for some more way to describe geometry with AC.

  2. Have you been able to use this tool/method to describe a curved curtain wall? How do you describe the geometry within the wall (ie curtain panels or windows)?

  3. Can this methode also be used for a double bended bridge deck?

  4. Can this methode also be used for a double curvature walls?

  5. Дронов, nope, not for double curvature. Double curvature can't be flattened at all, at least not without reference to physical properties like stretch and deformation.
    Richard, I think so, yes. Might depend on the exact geometry of the deck, but give it a try.
    Truit, this method only desibes monolithic elements, but with some work you could add more details I suppose

  6. I'm sure that some users do freak out a bit when seeing all the steps of creating this guy, but when just used as a set-up family to do its thing, then I'm sure they'll love it!
    And yes, this is helping a lot and could be used in different scenarios.

    p.s.: would be nice if we could just simply use the info of the length of the wall inside a project for creating a 2D shape... :)


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