Reskin design Challenge

It’s going to rain this weekend.  Everywhere.  The whole planet.  So cancel your plans now, and do this instead!

Design By Many Challenge: ReSkin

I totally wish I wasn’t involved, because then I could submit something.

“This challenge is to cleverly reskin a decaying urban building on the corner of Broadway and Reade St in New York City. Submissions can range from a focused investigation to an entire reskinning of the building. If the submission is a focused investigation, a wholistic application of the investigation must be represented. Submissions are encouraged, but not required, to incorporate sustainable technologies and strategies into the skin. The skin should be awesome, inventive, and buildable.”


  1. The provided model does not have any of the elaborate details form the building. Am I missing something (hidden point cloud) in the Revit file?

    The rendering above seems to suggest that elaborate geometry is available for the exercise.

  2. Sorry, but there is no hidden embellished geometry, just simple massing.

  3. How is the winner going to be selected? Hopefully it is decided upon by the judges.

  4. I really wish I could have joined. I don't know a thing about architecture though :(

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  6. Looks like a fun competition. Wish I had the time.


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