Adaptive Components: From Data to taDa!


Friday morning I ran a remote workshop with the nice folks in Nebraska at the Central States Revit Workshop:

Adaptive Components: From Data to taDa
Recent improvements to the Adaptive Component functionality have opened up more possibilities of what you can do with this powerful family modeling tool. We will look at hosted point behavior, reporting parameters, point orientation controls, and nested components.  We will explore methods for using large numbers of them to report data out of your model and drive data back in. Our examples will be both practical and impractical.

Learning Objectives

Create complex interactions without scripting
Create model elements that respond to context
Understand how to use adaptive components to mine data from your model
Use reporting parameters to create complex adaptive components and panels

Central States Revit Workshop Session

You can download the datasets that were used in this presentation from here.


  1. Hi Zach, many thanks for the video. I have a quick question about the deflection panel. How do you assign the colour based on their deflection?

  2. The coloration is a little involved in these. Look at these:
    We have made methods to do this kind of work in the last year using Dynamo that are MUCH easier. See the section on color in this PDF download available here:


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