BoostYourBIM Contest and Prizes!


Do you want Harry the Revit API Guru to build you your very own custom Revit plug-in?  Now is your chance!  BoostYourBIM is offering a free custom API addin to the person who makes the best use of his brand new Image-O-Matic addin for Revit and Vasari.

Ok, that’s a lot of words.  Let’s break it down

BoostYourBIM:  blog written by one of the developers of the Revit API.  So, he has the chops.

Image-O-Matic:  an addin in for Revit or Vasari that will automatically write a sequence of numbers to a specified parameter or iterate through phases, dumping images as it goes.  Do a little post processing and you can animate your BIM!

Custom API addin:  this is the hard part to define, but it may be up to you to decide what it is.  Always wanted to place walls in the configuration of a Mandelbrot set?  Or dump all your curtain panel data to a spreadsheet in just the right way?  Fire up your mad skillz and win this contest!

Read the contest rules here, and Good luck.