Dynamo 0.5.3 update

The code continues its evolution.  This week we posted new educational materials, including videos and datasets.  There are a new batch of fixes and features, and there are a number of experiments here that we would love to get some feedback on.  Here's a small selection:

- Open Manipulate and Save Excel files:  We hear that Excel is the most popular BIM tool in the world and so we'd like you to be able to inter-operate with it.

- Number nodes now support sequences and range inputs: This makes me irrationally excited.  Really easy to make sequences and patterns of numbers.  We'll have more in-depth descriptions of this soon, but the basic syntax is Start Condition..End Condition..Increment with some modifications using #.
For example
0..10..2 results in:  0,2,4,6,8,10
0..#6..5 results 6 increments of 5 each:  0,5,10,15,20,25
0..10..#5 results in the range of 0 to 10 broken into 5 pieces:  0,2.5,5,7.5,10

- Save Image from View node:  By popular demand, a tool for automating the export of a specified view

- Axonometric View Creation:  Still working out some of the kinks, but try out this node for automatic creation of views of elements.  We have some ideas in mind for what you might do, but we think you have something cooler in mind.

- More tools for manipulating lists:  Remove from List, Remove Every Nth, Shift List Indices nodes
- Node Renaming: edit the visible name in a node instance by double clicking
- New Tutorials

For the complete list of Fixes and New functionality, take a look at the readme in the latest install or here on GitHub.


  1. Off topic but i wonder if i could use dynomo to generate a study of sellable vs nonsellable in a building mass

  2. Sure, I don't see why not . . . tell me more about what you are thinking of

  3. Hello Zach,

    in this version where can I find the slice list method as it is mentoined in video Dynamo - Part 2B- Nested List Management? Or which one other can I substitute it? thanks

  4. Hi Hill,
    We renamed the Slice List node to Partition List (and in the upcoming release we have a new Slice with slightly different behavior). In the datasets that accompany that tutorial, you should see a note to this effect. Partition list creates a list of lists, with each sublist containing n elements. The new Slice List gets a sublist from a given list, given a start and count for the sublist.

  5. Thanks Zach! I'm waiting the newest version. But I'd have another question. Where can I consult which type have the input/output paramaters (int, double, string, container)? Because of I'd like to use the elements of an list for ref point, but the ref point can't able to use it because of the input datas are in list form (container). I can't find any method to convert it to an simple xyz int/double datas to use creating ref point. How can I convert?
    thanks. Tamás

  6. and what are the required type of datas of the inputs and outputs(min, max value, int, double, string, contener/list). So I can choose the right expected methods easier. If this will contain the help, would be clearer, which datas are expetced. thanks

  7. Hello Zach,

    in the tutorial 5B there is an method: Grid to Quads. I can't find it. Is it renamed too? What the name of it?


  8. Zach, what i'm envisioning is doing a conceptual mass where dynamo will generate the inner workings(i.e. corridor and stair, elevator SPACES) and then subtract them from the overall floor plate.


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