Dynamo 0.3.4 Update

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Ok, we're starting to get the delivery speed a little faster.  Last update was a month ago, but I'd like to see it at 2 week intervals if possible.
What's new?  Lots!  Here is a little teaser of what it looks and feels like in 0.3.4

New and Updated Nodes
  • Adaptive Components
  • Formulas using N-Calc syntax
  • Compute Face Derivatives
  • Project Points on Curves and Faces
  • Extract Solids, Faces, and Edges from elements
  • Evaluation of Curves and Edges
  • Selection of Imports, Host objects, Edges, Faces and Solids from Element
  • Watch3d improvements
  • Python node Autocomplete (in progress and only in Revit)
Functionality and UI
  • Appearance Cleanup
  • Preview geometry in Dynamo Background
  • Category and Node Browsing Improvements
  • Ability to pass lists into nodes (Lacing and auto-mapping of lists)
  • New Node appearance
  • Graph retains memory and parametric control of elements created in previous sessions