Random Numbers to Family Parameters

There are simple ways of looking at random numbers, and then there are awesome ways at looking at random numbers. We shall explore both (and write them to family parameters in Revit).

Download sample files here.


  1. Hi Zach
    Long time admirer of your work, and fellow architect checking in. Greetings.
    I did a test similar to yours some time ago, with Revit generating pseudo-randomness from the rest of decimal numbers. Also symmetric holes in facade modules. But this blog post makes me want to pose you a challenge:
    Could you devise a system, that can generate something like the Ronchamp facade ( http://blog.bloomsburyvisualarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/7.jpg ), you know: within a system of underlying rebar structure, the windows seem to stretch randomly in every direction, non-symmetrically?
    Controlling the 4 sides of eery window is not so hard, it's more that they shouldn't "overlap" one another, if you understand.
    I'll give it a go myself, i'll just have to learn Dynamo first :-)
    Happy holidays, by the way :-)
    Tue Kappel

    1. tried it out. partial success!



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