Photographing BIM, con't

I got a couple offline questions about doing the soft shadow renderings in Revit (all the images I've shown so far are 100% Revit rendered, with a pinch of Photoshop. So lets call it 99%). The basic trick is this: set the time of day in your sun settings to something like 2am and set your exposure ("adjust exposure" in the render settings) to around 2 (very bright). This essentially turns off the sun but keeps the sky image map and low level ambient lighting. If you have the time . . . use "best" quality setting for really getting good shadow depth. This might cost you, so try it on a low resolution image first. If you have artificial lights and are doing an exterior scene, this is a good way to get moody shots.
By the way, the access to rendering in Revit 2010 is the teapot in the lower left corner, for those who might be scratching their heads.

PS: Appears that if you drag images around in the blog post composer, you loose the link to the larger image. Weak sauce, but now at least I can fix the previous posts.


  1. Extremely cool tip!! I am lovin' the image output.I have just tried it myself and its opened up a number of ideas. :)

  2. What are you doing in the "1%" photoshop phase? Care to share any hints?


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