Building a Tensegrity Structure

Back in November of 2008, when the new Revit massing and paneling tools were but infants, crawling around on the floor of the factory, Matt sends me this link to Lift Architects. They're making tensegrity structures in 3dsMax and he says "I'm buying beers for the first person who makes one with the new toys". Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for this sort of thing, especially late at night when I'm out of beer.

Some of the tools look a little bit different now, but here is the "behind the scenes: the making of the Tensegrity Wall". Sorry it's a little dry, no narration, and the resulting file got kind of corrupted over the next few months of development. If there's interest I can rebuild it and post the file . . . or I'll buy beer for the first person to build it . . .


  1. Thanks . . . the family I have has some problems because it was built during a pre-alpha phase of develpement and hasn't upgraded well. It really shouldn't be distributed. If I can manage the time I'll try to rebuild it.

  2. The tools were infants in November? I think more like toddlers... going through potty training!

  3. BTW, the rebuilt model is posted here:


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