Hey Kids, Math is FUN!

Revit + Spreadsheet=Frick’n Awesome!

I know, seems unlikely that such a combination would create awesome. But that’s probably what you said before you tried banana flambé.

This may be old news to some, but was delightful for me. The
add-on applications package for revit subscription folks has something exquisite called Excel Based Model Generation. With it, you can create and place beams, levels, walls, and footings through the basic and recognizable interface of a spreadsheet. I’m sure that there are some very practical and serious applications for this, but that shouldn’t stop you from breaking out your high school calculus book and making something swoopy.

I imaging you can also use it to talk back and forth between analysis platforms for more performance driven geometry. I haven’t looked around yet.

[Edit: .xls files used to create the above images can be downloaded from


  1. Hi Zach, can you post a sample spreadsheet for us to review ?

  2. I added a link, thanks for taking a look.


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