Rebirth of AU Shwag

Story for the insiders: remember those goofy little electric ice cubes from Autodesk University 2007? 2 little metal contacts on the back that light up when you drop them in your martini? Well, now that you've managed to stuff 2 dozen of them into your OCE shwag bag, and somehow airport security didn't think that you were a terrorist, and somehow they let you on the plane with all these little shiny cubes with batteries and no apparent purpose . . . what do you do with them?
Well, you can do what my son - Green Octopus Spiderman - and I did. Tear the head and habit off your old boxing nun puppet and hot-glue one of those bad boys on. It's the obvious choice for people who are in the market for a more secular, terminator-esq boxing puppet. They also make excellent bath toys.