Graphic Front End for Revit Batch Render

[Edit: this batch printer has since been imporoved upon and can be found here: Revit Batch Renderer: Beta 2.0 ]
Hooray for Steven Faust of Emc2 Architects! He's done some retooling of the batch rendering for Revit hack that I posted some time ago and made it much more user friendly. Using some VB code, he has crafted a graphical interface for the script, which should make it a lot more inviting for most users. Basically, you run the .exe file, fill in some boxes with info about your file (view names, desired resolution, etc), it then writes a new journal file, and launches Revit to execute this new file. He's also added a function allowing a limited exposure bracketing.

So download the zipped executable from here, and check it out (the source code is also available here for those who want to help evolve this thing). I've generally had good results with this, but did see a couple strange pathing issues on one XP machine. Keep in mind that it doesn't save settings and that, unless you copy the temp journal, it will clean up the rendering file it makes after your images are done. Try it out and send your feedback.
As always, take care when using undocumented executables downloaded from some bozo on the interweb.


  1. So, tried this with Rvt 2009 and my house file w/worksets, still did not work. Will try one other thing. Will also try 2010 when I get a chance. It crashed Rvt hardcore with an error report. :)

  2. Robert, are you using files with customized project browser settings? Where View (all)>3D Views has been renamed to something else? Your files I recall needed a fair bit of customization of the previous script to work, and this executable would need this too. For the project browser, theres lines would need to be adjusted to fit how your browser was set up, maybe make "3D Views" a variable that gets entered into the GUI:
    Jrn.Browser "ToggleExpandedState" _
    , ">>Views (all)>>3D Views>>"

  3. Hi!

    Thank you very much for your program. It seems very usefull, but unfortunatelly it dows not want to work with me, however it was working well 1 monath ago. (i mean the old version, not the batch).

    I get the following error every time (copy a part of the log):

    Jrn.ComboBox "Modeless , Rendering , Dialog_Revit_ProteinRenderingDlg" _
    , "Control_Revit_RenderDpi" _
    , "ReplaceContents" , "150"
    'H 02-Jul-2009 10:13:46.906; 0:<
    Jrn.Data "Transaction Successful" _
    , "Rendering Settings"
    ' 0:< 02-Jul-2009 10:13:46.906; Execution did not correspond to recorded journal sequence.
    'At line number 23 of source journal
    'JournalData "Transaction Successful" from file was skipped
    ' 0:< 02-Jul-2009 10:13:46.906; stopped at line 23 journal file playback
    'H 02-Jul-2009 10:13:46.906; 0:<

    I tried all settings. I created a new file with 1 object too, but still not working. I tried more computer, etc...

    I am tring to solve the problem since 3 day. I was happy to find the new batch version, but my problem is till the same.

    Please help me.

    Thank you very much

  4. Hm... how interesting is the human brain...
    After I wrote mz commment I found the solution for my problem.

    I found that the program stop in two part: resolution and reset to original.
    After I deleted this 2 part fromt he script, it is working with no error. Yep, I lost some function, but won some hours. :)

    Thanks again for this great software. :)

  5. Tried this on the train on way to work this morning . Works a treat! I will be trying it on a new 8 core xeon workstation which we specifically have in place to do Revit renders.Btw ...noticed a typo in the help file...
    "Image with can only be used for 2010 releases."

    Don't you mean...

    Image "width" can only be used for 2010 releases.

  6. Mavis, glad the problem got worked out, although I don't quite understand what you changed.
    David, since Revit is only going to use 4 cores per session for rendering, try and see what happens if you run the batch on two different files at the same time, should max out your processor, but not sure. Also thanks for the spell check

  7. huzzah! it finally worked, I'd forgotten about the Project Browser setting(s). May I sugust adding that to the mini help file.


  8. Also of note, I had to use a "local" file, and not merely a detached file. I had to start with a detached file as my test bed is a personal project with the actual central file sitting on my home server.

  9. I have tried it with the Fr version of Revit 2010 and it does not seem to work... the issue is probably in the Views/Vues tree names... How can I edit the app to suite me I have never done any vb prog... ?

  10. hello sir,
    if i can suggest you, it would be a betteridea if you do not hardcode you "program files path".

    let the use choose where his software is installed.

    row 387 in Frm_Main.vb

    thak you

  11. Thanks myrocode,
    Have you tried the latest version, looks like I need to edit this entry to redirect

  12. Do you know how to get this to work with Revit 2011?

  13. @Mark: the app was never re-written for 2011, but you can use the original journal method that was first posted.


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