Rationalizing Panels

I do not want my Revit boat to look like this, the panels on the sail are all wrong.
I am not a fancy man. I am in fact a regular guy, and would like my curtain panels to reflect my inner soul and be regular too. Also, I can't afford to manufacture 144 unique panels, some are triangles, and the sizes range from tiny slivers to gigantic slabs. I would rather that they look like this:
There are many methods to control panel size for curtain systems, here is one for this sort of triangular shape:


  1. I'm a wonderer of your blog.
    this item was very interesting.
    daily looking forward what Zach will show us!


  2. thnx for this tip!
    I'm starting to improve my revit massing skills and hope you will make some more tutorials about the mass panels racionalizing, it is an important question to meet design concept and realizable project.. thnx again!


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