Revit Batch Renderer: Beta 2.0

Hurray for the Masked Rendering Enthusiast*! He/She/They have refined and streamlined Steven Faust's streamlining of the original journal script and added a few new features.

New in this Release:

View Hierarchy: For folks with customized project browsers, enter the hierarchy of tree nodes as they appear in the project browser in Revit.

Save Location: Specify a folder to send your output images

File Name Prefix: Enter a prefix to place before the image file names.

Bracketed Exposure: My favorite: create 3 images for each view you have selected. One image will be the default exposure value (usually 14), the other 2 will be set to the values selected with the sliders.

Neat and Tidy Source Code: More efficient and understandable VB for those who want to tinker.

GNU General Public License: well, this isn't really a feature, but it makes for good reading.

Also, props to Steven for doing a few last minute bug fixes on this "release". Thank You!

So download the zipped executable from here (and/or the source code from here) and get yer render on.

*While Masked Rendering Enthusiast has chosen to remain anonymous, please be assured that He/She/They are very nice, just the sort of person/people you would want to have over for brunch or to install unverified software on your business machines. Masked Rendering Enthusiast is just shy.


  1. It dosn`t work!!! how do i make it work???

  2. Fantastic, Thanks.
    One issue, when I minimise the app it generates an exception "argument "Length" must be greater than zero"

  3. A guy goes to the doctor's office. He says to the doctor "doctor, it hurts every time I do this". The doctor says "Well, don't do that, and it won't hurt."

  4. True enough, but that's actually an easy fix. If you know any programming, just go into the main form resize event and wrap the whole thing in the if then statement:

    If Me.Width > 400 Then
    ... current code...
    End If

    Should work then. Will try to re-compile with this when I have time unless someone else does first...


  5. Anyone had the problem with not being able to select the version of Revit you're using? I'm using RS2010 but nothing shows up when I select the drop down box.

  6. When I try and use this program, it will open my revit but then revit will get an error with "A software problem has caused Revit Architecture 2010 to close unexpectedly." What can I do?

  7. Hi Zach, could you port this for Revit 2011? It would be amazing!

  8. When i run the program and start render I got an error message in Revit saying that it could not run the journal till the end. It also says I should be cautious is saving the file as it might be in an unstable state. Any idea how to fix this and get it working? I have followed the instructions to the T with no success. I'm using Revit 2009 in Vista.

  9. The application needs to be rewritten by some enterprising soul for it to recognize Revit 201l, but I believe the original journal file discussed in the first post works just fine with 2011 as it is.

  10. I tried to use this application with revit 2011 but has always error, with the spoken JournalScript had managed perfectly.

    Congratulations for the work.

  11. for revit 2012?

  12. In revit 2013, new tools render settings, new materials, fast draft render .. to fully use revit 2013 need a tool like Batch Renderer. It's hard work updating the program, but it is very necessary update. Please help!

  13. revit 2013 batch is needed urgently. Help


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