Happy Halloween!

The folks in the mail room here at Buildz Plaza have finally dug out from under the sacks of pumpkins we received. The Buildz Subcommittee on Vegetable Affairs has met and, in cooperation with the Buildz board of directors and several of my other imaginary friends, reached consensus. We agonized and argued over the multitude of entries, but the winners of the First Annual Buildz Pumpkin Internationale are as follows:

Baddest: This award, for the pumpkin that exemplifies the spirit of Shaft or Johnny Rotten (as opposed to Lex Luthor, or rotten meat), goes to Rob Cohee. His Inventor Pumpkin terrifies and thrills, while being an entirely quantifiable solid. Follow this link to see Rob's process (amplified by Drowning Pool).

Goodest: This award, for the pumpkin that gets to the wholesome essence of Jack O' Lanterns, goes to David Light. Made in Revit, this is the pumpkin the Code hath made. It is true to the premises of it's platform, free from hacks and workarounds, and pleasingly reconfigurable. See David's dissection here

Mostest Parametric: This award, for the pumpkin that is shaped by rules and variables, that is definite yet infinitely flexible, goes to William Lopez Campo. William didn't submit any geometry per se, but a Grasshopper definition, a series of rules and operations that boil the complexity of the ancient arch of sculpting a vegetable into 26 slider controls. The core of his submission was this pile of spaghetti:
Which can be interpreted into any number of geometries:
Fantastic work Rob, David, and William! Because all of our winning contestants have well formed solids, they will each receive a 3d print of their entries.
In addition to these submissions, I'd like to give a shout out to several other awesome pumpkins that stood out from the crowd:

Robert Manna, who pimped my journaled pumpkin with a series of parametric voids for a variety of expressions.

Chico Membreno, who submitted the most livable Jack O' Lantern

Joe Kendersky, for his classic sensibility.

Arman Chowdry, whose World Halloween Centre just defies description. Really, I mean, holy crap Man. I think this is the stadium where the Intergalactic world Series of Shaving Cream and Toilet Papering Vandalism takes place.
Happy Halloween!


  1. i don't know if i enjpoyed working on the model or reading your comments more!


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