Doodle Manifesto

When a child picks up a crayon and draws, he/she is not out to build skills. He/She is doodling.

If a child does not doodle with crayons, he/she will not build skills.

Doodling represents the world in a diagrammatic way, not by what it looks like, but by what it means. A kid can make a meaningless photograph, but not a meaningless doodle.

If a tool is cheap and readily accessible, people will doodle with it. Paper, pencils, crayons, mud, clay, Sketchup, Blender and even Rhino are cheap and accessible. Few people will doodle with $5000 finger paints. Besides, they're kept in that drawer with all the important documents and work stuff, best not to even go in there, looks boring.

If tools are expensive, they will be used for serious purposes, by serious and expensive people, who walk around with serious expression on their faces so you know that they are expensive. They will not laugh at your poop joke. They will look like this (minus the fabulous turban):

Serious people do not doodle. They do NOT play with crayons.

They also can't draw for poop.


  1. :-) I think I get your point...unfortunatley I work with some very serious people! The wifes a teacher, kidz are more fun.

  2. i wonder what if some serious people do want to doodle, but they are so caught up in their own seriousness that it becomes hard for them to break out of it and later we too start treating them in a way that it becomes impossible to experience that childlike fun in doodling!

  3. I don't like what you don't do - I do like what you do do... (tried REALLY hard to make that pun)

    Also, I saw the turban painting and thou8ght maybe you were gonna model it in Revit... maybe?

  4. Can I put this on a t-shirt?
    "(front)Serious people do not doodle. They do NOT play with crayons.

    (back)They also can't draw for poop."

  5. I like it!
    Bea "loves that one"
    And Isa seems to like the POOP reference :-)
    She just said, "Poop!?"

  6. The free student download lends itself to doodling... but it would be nice if we could use subscription advantage tools and doodle like the pros.

  7. Aristide,
    Word. Grab your .edu email account and head to


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