Formula Driven Curves and Surfaces

Short description: Like the helix family from a couple weeks ago, these files allow you to load either a curve or a surface and manipulate them purely by math. Look Ma, No API! These are 100% good old fashion parameter driven loaded families.

I don't have the time now to really describe them, but I thought I would put them up for your dissection and inspection. I'll try and do an update with simplified interface. At the moment, you have to do a lot of correction for units, which is sort of a drag. Also, if you want to do something really complex, you will need to add more points.

General how-to operate these files: the formula driven spline, you can open up loaded family "formulaPoint" for edit, and change the formula that drives the parameter "y". Reload and presto: a new curve. For the formula driven surface, open "formula3dPoint" for edit and change the formula for parameter "z". I have included a couple other formulas in dummy parameters in the family for you to play with, just cut and paste into the y or z parameter
Download from HERE.

More to come


  1. Wow! You beat me too it! :-) been trying to get this to work for a couple of weeks, but my math abilities failed me(never been a strong point ). Thanks for sharing. :-)


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