I've been waiting for you GC, we meet again at last . . .

Life is full of funny coincidences. Totally unrelated to the last post, someone just gave me a heads up about a free download for Generative Components. Now, I dabble in Grasshopper, and scratch my head a bit about Catia/Digital Project watching from the outside, but in terms of digital diversity, I really don't get out much. So if I see the opportunity to drop this (in)famous application onto my desktop and fiddle, well, by god I'm going to fiddle.

And I am humbled. As with any new application, you open it and see the befuddlement stretching out before you like the great plains. I just want to figure out how to draw a line . . . how? Well, take your pick:

Back in the day, I did my fair share of 2d Microstation, but this is a whole other ballgame. The enticing thing about it is something I had heard about from others but never got around to experiencing first hand. The "thin wrapper" around the API, the completely exposed guts and wires. I want to know more. Especially when I see this sweet little symbolic hierarchy of relationships that gets generated on the fly.
Or this ugly and powerful looking explicit manner to define a simple arc.

Yes, I know, plenty of you have been far down this path already, so I won't blog extensively on my bumbling toddler-like first steps. But when I get a chance over the next few weeks, I hope to be able to dip my toe in this strange yet familiar water. Anybody have some tutorials to point this Padawan towards?


  1. Zack, do you know if and when Revit is going to get an algorithmic editor similar to GC? I know that Dr Aish is over two years with Autodesk so I hope to see something similar for Revit in the near future.

  2. these are floating around - but are old: http://adds.transparente.net/?tag=generative-components

  3. @Jack Redford: I believe Dr. Aish is working on the ACAD team - maybe Zach knows more?

  4. You can find some e-seminars @ Bentley here> http://www.bentley.com/en-US/Promo/Generative+Design/eSeminars.htm

  5. The sites listed above have much of the training content that has been publicly released for GC in the past, if i recall correctly. Here are a couple other sites I used to frequent that had good GC content:



    Ben Dougherty used to have a site called gcuser http://www.gcuser.com/ but it looks like it has lapsed into disrepair and lost his domain. Perhaps his content got merged into some other site.

  6. Here's another one, with case studies and videos:


  7. >>> Totally unrelated to the last post, someone just gave me a heads up about a free download for Generative Components.

    I disagree and think they are quite closely related....Whenever I interact with BENTLEY products, I feel like I am involved in a poop joke.

  8. Thanks for the links everyone . . . afraid I don't really know much about what Robert Aish is up to.

  9. i have a few GC tutorials on my site if you want to get started


  10. ...must be top secret stuff what Robert Aish is concocting...



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