Look Ma, no API: rule based form creation

I've been looking at some exercises for ramping up on Generative Components and looking at what can and can't be done in Revit 2011. So, after some discussions with Robert and David, and looking at this example, and also this, I came up with a method to start to do this sort of rule based form creation in Revit. Download the example file from here.

Buildz.info - Revit 2011 Adaptive Component: Pincushion Modeling from Zach Kron on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Zach,

    Very powerful idea you have here. Loved the ease of the adaptability of these points but I am going to have to get myself brushed up on advanced maths! :P

  2. nice. I especially like the super scientific 'CrazyAssTangent' parameter. I think every family should have one!

  3. Revit is slowely getting rid of its reputation as a brick colonial modeler.

  4. Its really cool...!! I wish i understood these formulas.
    Zach, could you kindly suggest some good books to self-learn the mathematics for understanding forms, including the natural mathematical phenomenon like the golden curve etc.


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