The Elephant in the room

Marcello Sgambelluri has done what I think it is safe to say no one has done before in Revit. Yes, this is a 100% native Revit elephant. No Shit.

And it apparently wasn't enough to just model it . . . he made it parametric . . . and did a stop action animation.

Last year he did a 747 and a Lexus, so this year he wanted to push a little further.
I hope that this puts to rest the question "can you make [insert geomtric desctiption here] in Revit?" It's just not an interesting question anymore.
Yes, you can make it. Of course you still need to ask "Why?!?!", but yes, you can.

Marcello is the BIM Manager at John A Martin and Associates Structural Engineers in LA. He builds families to Beta Test revit in his spare time and has also spoken at AU about Revit.

We are humbled, Marcello, and look forward to what comes next.


  1. Hi Zach,

    Is there chance that we can get hold of this file? I have never seen these kinds of curves inside of Revit.

  2. post pictures and animations from inside Revit please. I will beleive it when I see it in the Revit interface.

  3. Concept Mass + Subdivide + Manipulate points, done.

  4. Well, It's not that easy, considering that you can't do any subdivision surface modelling or box modelling in Revit. This means you will have to create a million spline to get such a shape.

  5. I struggle to get the conceptual massing tools to do anything I want, just can't see how this was done at all...

    'Subdivide + Manipulate points' - can someone explain how this is possible in revit please.

  6. I've got a simple question. How?

  7. this is incredible...I saw it when you first posted it, and immediately fowarded to my collegues...I'd be interested to know exactly how many hours that actually took...

  8. Marcello Sgambelluri here...
    To answer some questions posted above,

    Yes it really is a revit family

    Craig Davis described the method I used to make this family correctly

    it took about 200 hours to create.

  9. Hi Marcello,

    Any chance of us getting a sneak peak at this project file?

  10. So, this is just hundreds of splines, drawn on hundreds of ref planes, which are then ALL selected and then actually work when you click 'Create Form'?

    I've had shapes of 2 splines fail! Let alone hundreds... Just can't see how Revit would do this -

    Can a far more simple shape using the exact same process and principles be offered for us to learn from?


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