Performative Design

Andrew Marsh, who brought you the smash hit Ecotect, has a website where he pours out very, very smart things for your consideration. Stop reading this blog and go there now.

Start here:


  1. Wicked fun! Thanks for how the hell can I export these models. :-)

  2. I've lost a few hours of my life playing with Andrew's new inventions recently. And they're built with processing, even better! Andrew Marsh and Ben Fry, two of my heros...

  3. I always wondered when or if Revit (a native parametric modeler) will get these algorithmic sliders. I have seen Rhino jump throw many hoops to get an application like Grasshopper, because Rhino is not parametric.

    In the AEC magazine of March/April they where some speculation that Autodesk is developing such an application for all its products (not only for the AEC). However, knowing the history of Autodesk, Revit always is the last in line, so you will probably see this application being implemented in Autocad, Maya, 3ds max and Inventor.

  4. Thats beautiful. I have seen some active sliders working just like this in 3dMax. Some Maxscript genius put it together for BURTHILL in Dubai. It makes me drool.


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