Bitmap Panel Video by Emanuel Favreau

Emanuel Favreau, a Canadian architect, did a lovely video of some walls made using the Bitmap to Panel API that was posted here. It was done in the context of a presentation for Revit users in Montreal as an example of the potential for architects and designers to use the API in their projects.

[BTW, The bitmap to panel API script is now in the r2011 SDK samples. And luckily for all us non-programmers, Redbolt has compiled all the SDK samples for your enjoyment.]


  1. Hi... I download the sdk samples, but DistancetoPanels doesnt seems to work, can someone confirm these? or I'm doing something wrong...

    your page is amazing, thx for sharing.

  2. mmm I get it now... it only works in a new family mass... sorry for the trouble and thanks again :D

  3. Thanks for your post!
    After installing, I've had many SDK Samples but I can't see any Bitmap to Panel Sample like above? Can you explain for me please?
    Thank you very much!

    P/S: Sorry if I'm wrong in English grammar


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