Image du jour: gradient star

Just passing along an image that I like. Here's the revit file and the gradient that I used with the bitmap plugin.


  1. cool stuff, zach.
    would be lovely, if a coder guru could add a file selector to this fancy utility.

  2. Hi Zach, how do you edit the plugin to modify the code? i'm never done any visual studio before but i assume to edit the plugin we need to use that. Could you provide me steps on how to open and view the source code? Thanks! (i might have used the wrong terms in this comment because i'm a newbie)

  3. Hi Adriel,
    To edit the code, you have to look at the original c# files. Luckily, these are contained in your Revit 2011 install DVD. If you install the Software Development Kit (SDK) in the utilities section of the installer, you get a folder full of sample code. In the sample folder there is a subfolder called Mass, this contains several useful examples of Conceptual Mass code samples, one of them is this bitmap to plugin piece. You will need to have Visual Studio (you can download visual studio express for free from Microsoft). There is much more to be said on this topic, but start with the documentatioin that comes with the SDK.


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