Parametric Patterns V: Transformer


“Change an object's form by translating and/or rotating its rigid components.”

Square Shutter

“Use polygons with right angles as a shutter.”



Square Shutter
Scissor Arm

“Model a scissor mechanism, that is, an arm whose horizontal extension is controlled by its handle's vertical movement along a line.”


There is probably an easier way, and I think it could just involve using regular family lines and parameters with some trig, but I‘ve shown it here with a bunch of nested adaptive components using a drafting mentality. 

How to make the scissor
Scissor flexing. Soundtrack by Cimota God.

Download the rfa files from here

[Edit:  Here’s is an alternate/improved method supplied by Aristide Little-Lex]


  1. Zach, once again these are great. It's really exciting seeing the CDE being used in for these advanced ideas.

    I remember seeing this done in GC back at the Smart Geometry in Waterloo Canada at least 5 years ago and spending at least a day trying to get Revit 5 to do the same thing. Many of these things were being thought about when we designed the Conceptual Design Environment!

    But now you have to make a printable version, like this :) :


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