Iron Python Scripting in Revit


Back in 2009 Jeremy Tammik alerted us to Daren Thomas’s RevitPythonShell, a way to directly explore the Revit API and do a more scripted style of programming.  So this is something that has  been freely available and out in the world for a long time . . . why am I not seeing it installed on everyone’s machines? 

Daren Thomas's RevitPythonShell in Vasari

I remember reading about it in 2009 and kept telling myself I should look into it.  Well, I finally managed to and it is really cool.  Only available at the moment for release 2011, but just hold on! 

Much more to come on this topic.


  1. Hello Zach,
    Looks cool... The Revit 2011 install looks easy enough

    But.... how'd you get the Add-in to load with Vasari?



  2. n/m about the Vasari question! It took some digging but it works!

  3. Zach,
    I put together a post which hopefully clarifies the installation process of RevitPythonShell for Vasari 1.1... with links back to your blog, of course.



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