Self-Rationalizing Ellipse


I love them dearly, but David and Phil are making you work too hard.  Who wants to layout a billion trimmed circles to then make a billion arc segments?   You’re having a hard day, your *$%# boss is making you figure out arc radii so that the *$%# contractor can actually build your *$%# boss’s *$%# elliptical wall.  *$%#^ that.  Use this tool instead.

Self-Rationalizing Ellipse Demo

Oh, it breaks in lots of situations . . . but what do you want for a  free tool you lazy, lazy office drone.


  1. *$%#, that was quick. I'm still thinking a divided surface can cut out the most tedious part of this: distributing points along the ellipse. It's just tricky to get that tangent-arc stable within a panel.

    Don't tell Phil how easy it is to make twisted towers.

  2. Artistide: yeah, I think there is definitely a way to get divided surfaces to do the heavy lifting. I tried one out with 1/2 step panels, but it wasn't quite right. More R&D required.

  3. Very cool, but maybe something got lost in translation, my beef was the fact you "can" snap to an ellipse within the conceptual mass environment, yet you can not do the same when using model lines directly within the project environment. However, I am very much liking this tool! :-)

  4. It's been good fun reading this post and the various reactions to it, but you all missed out one method - Let the contractor deal with it ;)

    I put this post together on converting ellipses to regular arcs:

    Seriously though - Kudos to you guys for making the effort to make sure that you geometry is suitable for downstream manufacture.

    one of those *$%#ing Contractors)


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