3rd Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Air is getting dry, I get to wear my old-guy cardigan, and the grape arbor in the back yard makes my house smell like the Manischewitz-pocalypse.  And of course the king of vegetables, the venerable Cucurbita mixta, or common American Pumpkin, begins its turgid climb to seasonal culture dominance!

And YES!  The 3rd Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving!  Break out the napkins, start sketching your concepts.  It’s time to understand the inner soul of pumpkins.

Prizes, as always, will be awarded for The Goodest, The Baddest, and The Mostest Parametric.

We at B.U.I.L.D.Z. LLC, pDq are platform agnostic.  Submit entries from whatever platform you are comfortable in:  Blender, Catia, Revit, GC, Sketchup, Rhino, 123d, sumi-brush, spirograph, whatever. Our factory judges will look into your pumpkin’s soul and decide if IT is worthy, not your tools.

Along with receiving bragging rights, the winners will have their work showcased on these pages to TENS of readers and receive a valuable piece of Buildz schwag.

Entries must be received by 12 noon EST Oct 28. Winners will be announced at midnight on Halloween.

So brew yourself a steaming mug of Kopi Luwak, turn on your high-performance NeXTcube, and make a performance based, LEED certified, direct-to-fabrication, cloud computed, optimized, and/or object-oriented Jack O’Lantern. Post entries to zachkron@gmail.com, at least a screenshot, but feel free to send models, journals, parameters, videos, scripts, whatever, modeled in whatever you like. If you have some huge file, please send a link or let me know and we can work out some kind of upload.  Show how flexible and open-ended a carved vegetable can be.

Make good stuff!