10 days to pumpkin


These crack me up.

Just 10 days left!  Only you can can make the 3rd Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving the BEST ONE EVER!


Did you say3rd Annual?  Why yes, I did.  Buildz has been promoting Pumpkiny goodness, badness, and parametricity since ‘09.

Did I read that correctly?  Parametric Pumpkin? What if my pumpkin is just a pumpkin?  Contrary to Freud, a pumpkin is never JUST a pumpkin.  Your rendition will be evocative of deep unconscious representations of what it means to be a vegetable.  If it is not particularly flexible or constraint driven, it can still be eligible for Goodest or Baddest .

Now, this Carving thing, what if I hate boolean operations? Subtractive forms, while common, are not a requirement to submit a pumpkin.  We understand that many talented designers are allergic to certain modeling operations, and we welcome alternate approaches. 

What if my pumpkin sucks? Can I still submit it? Absolutely! As Woody Allen says: 80 percent of success is just showing up.

I made a pumpkin for a curvaceous, younger 3d modeling competition, do you still love me?  Yes, my dear polyamorous reader, we will always love you.  While we at Buildz would like to think we are your only source for impractical 3d kernoodling, we accept your exotic lifestyle choices and take what we can get.  And while we are on the subject, we have recently been on Facebook with our old college “friend”  Mayline, and she is still as flexible as ever.  So there, Tramp.