Buildz and Co. AU2011 Classes Available Online (mostly)

The Autodesk University folks have posted online versions of classes.  Here are the three I co-presented.


Twice Baked:  This is a lab class and so was not recorded.  However, the handout and datasets are very detailed and have perhaps even more information than what Robert and I presented.


Energetic Supermodels:  Also an unrecorded lab.  However, a good bit of what we covered can be watched at our New York Revit Users Group presentation, and you can download our handout here.


You Want to Model a What?:  Our whole presentation was recorded for your viewing pleasure.

You may need to make an AU account for yourself to read/view/download these.

Thanks again to my fabulous co-speakers, William Lopez Campo, Matt Jezyk, and Robert Manna!  And thanks to our many lab assistants, helpers, and contributers:  Arjun Ayyar, Scott Davis, David Light, Steve Stafford, Phil Lazarus, Dave Baldacchino, Vincent Poon, Nauman Mysorewala, Ian Keough, Mike Massey, Mark Green, Don Rudder, Bjorn Wittenberg, Emmanuel DiGiacomo, and I’m very sorry if I forgot anyone!


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