Repeat and Divide Prt III: Slats and Continuous Slices


User Question:  Can you make a continuous vertical slatted structure like the one done by Office Da?



Slats and Continuous Slices

Download the datasets from here.



  1. The repeat and divide tool consumes the adaptive component which makes it impossible to control the instance parameter that makes the profiles wider at the bodem. A huge limitation within Revit, however, by adding a second surface that controls the width, you may achieve the exact same shape as Office Da

  2. Thank you so much for answering my question Zach! You're the man!

  3. simply awesome, how you can make hard things so simple <3

  4. Awesome idea Zach!

    The family in the repeated component can be changed if you change the type properties in the project browser.

  5. Great stuff man! You are amazing!

  6. Thx for the great tutorial~ I found it so innovative yet challenging..

    Sadly, I am having a bit of trouble following your tutorial. My section family seems to be rotating around when positioned along the division nodes thus creating error (could not "create form" it seems)

    I've tried to inspect your files, unfortunately it was 2013 file which I could not open with 2012.

    would it be possible to guide me towards the right direction? Any idea what I have missed? or simply would it be possible to upload 2012 vers of files?? Whichever easier and quicker for you. Thank you for the great tutorials~!

  7. Hi ioio,
    I'm afraid the "repeat" functionality is only available in the 2013 release. For the rotation, there is definitely a single direction that each strip needs to face, that is, you can't rotate them 90 degrees as the form will fold in on itself.

  8. Thank you very much for replying to my question..It's pity.."Repeat" functionality seems wonderful..Thank you.

    For the rotation issue, it seems (when I tested without "create form") rectangle section families nested in the strip family are rotating around the inserted points along the divided lines (of cause clicked along in one direction).

    Funny thing is that I can create a strip correctly if I insert the family in empty space. Only gives me an error when I try to create along divided lines. Also, 2 ends sections are always inserted correctly, perpendicular to the divided line. Other middle ones are in different angles. Any idea what have I missed?

  9. Zach, I am trying to build a similar form, but am having a little trouble constraining the top of the adaptive component. If you look at the images at the beginning of your video, you will see the form at the top is continuous, while the base is dynamic. I've tried constraining using different methods including reference planes, reference lines, additional adaptive components, and formulas, but it keeps breaking. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Hey Bill,
    I think this is what you are asking about?

  11. Can you do this example with a tapered beam? I want to use 2 different profiles with 6 points. When I try a blend sweep the loaded profiles wont work, and if I draw them directly in the 6 point component they rotate off axis.

  12. Hi Zach
    Great tutorials! I am trying to use the Constraining slats to 2 surfaces however creating the curves on the horizontal plane instead of vertically. In this way, I plan on making slats that become shelves for planter boxes.

    I have followed your tutorials and get the result perfectly, only when i try and combine the two tutorials so that I have constraint slats to 2 planes however with slat thickness it does not work. I assume profiles dont like 2 adaptive points, is there another way to do this?

  13. I'm trying to create an undulated, sliced wall much like the Banq restaurant design. However, I'm doing it with a flat rafter and adaptive points so that i can edit the 'wave' once i have all my slices but i keep getting an error message saying 'there is only one component in this repeater. every time I try to repeat it.Help!! :)


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