6 Days to Pumpkin

PUMP1[John Fout’s 2010 Mudbox submission]

6 days to make a pumpkin! That’s loads of time, so get to it!  Plant the seeds, water it, sprinkle it with 00010100100100101’s, and send it in.

4th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving FAQ:

I made my pumpkin out of real pumpkin, can I still submit it?  Yes, absolutely, but please take pictures, don’t send in original perishable items.  The Buildz hollowed out volcano lair begins to smell a bit funky.

I try and adjust my pumpkin’s parameters, but nothing (interesting) happens. Why?  This is common, and happens to lots of people’s pumpkins.  You might be trying too hard.  Try taking a hot bath, or a little wine and some candles, then try again.

My pumpkin is almost ready, but I could use some help.  Can I send in a question?  Yes, no guarantee that I can answer it, but will try.  Remember: there are no stupid questions, only stupid people who don’t ask questions.

I think my pumpkin might actually be a gourd? That is not actually a question, but a statement with a high pitched ending to make it sound like a question.  It makes you sound cheap and ditzy.  And you should support your gourd/questioning pumpkin in whatever lifestyle choices it feels comfortable with.

More FAQ.