Dynamo: Formulas

A short explanation of using formulas in Dynamo and driving geometry into Vasari


  1. Is there a revit 2012 installer for dynamo 4.0 or do you have to build it your self?

  2. Dynamo is currently being built against the 2013 API (Vasari uses a subset of the Revit 2013 API code) and we are also working on the 2014 version. We haven't tried the current builds against 2012 at all . . . I suspect that it will not work. However, Vasari is freely available if you are looking for a place to try it out.

  3. hi zack, i have just started working with Dynamo, and i am finding it a bit confusing. could you help me with some questions.
    1- I wanted to know how to use the If then condition in dynamo, in a typical attractor logic tutorial i wanted to place a condition, where we could say -
    if the radius is >= (more than or equal to) the grid dist use (grid dist/2 - 0.15) say. and if no - use calculated value. this would prevent the circles from overlapping on each other.

    Let me know if something like this is possible. I am sure it is i just dont know how.

    Thanks in advance
    Kashif D

  4. Hi Kashif,
    For your situation, probably the easiest method is to use the min/max functionality available in the Formula node (check out this page: http://ncalc.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=functions&referringTitle=Home)
    So, in a formula node, enter min(radius,gridDist) and you will have 2 ports (radius and gridDist), the output will be the lesser of the 2.
    Thanks to Stephen Elliot to pointing this one out.

  5. Thanks a lot Zach.

    I didn't know this, looks like it will work much better. Ill fidget with it. Also is there something like a 'curve cp' or an easier way to identify the shortest/perpendicular distance from a point/ point array from a selected curve.

    Thanks again.
    Kashif D

  6. Hi Kashif. Please take a look at "Project Point on Curve" and see if that suits your needs.


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