Making Revit Views and Sheet Layouts in Dynamo

Ian Keough has mixed the cauldron and made some excellent new Dynamo functionality that I think you will really like.  Essentially, we now have lots of new view creation tools, including a node that lays out and packs automatically created views on sheets.  The result is that you can derive perpendicular views from model elements to automate flat layout.  Here is an example that Ian put together:

While there are a lot of directions I think people can take this, fabrication  is definitely one.  But I think this is significantly different than the general method of actually drawing new geometry to create cut sheets, and much more BIMy.  

Very curious to get your reactions to the new tools,  what else can you do with them?   

You can get at it from the fresh baked builds here (scroll to the bottom for the latest):
as it is not yet in the “last stable” build. 

If you download the most recent builds, also download these files and have a look at the workflow shown above.  Keep in mind, you have to use Revit, as there are no Sheets in Vasari.


  1. thx for sharing Zach. no dynamo on Ipad so I won't try now, a question I have: camera of the view is set perpendicular to the panel? in the picture panel seems viewed from a side with an angle....a setting to tune?

  2. Zach,

    I have a list of points which define triangles, I have another list of points which define quads. I have one built generic model adaptive triangle and a quad family. I used your panel reconstitute script to rebuild these the panels in revit. Can I use these point or triangles/ quads to generate views in revit? Can you please adjust your script to do this and post it.

    Thank you,


    Is there any way I can modify and use your view cre

  3. Zach,

    Please see the following post. I uploaded a screen capture. After pushing the xyz into the Axonometric View component, I got an error message 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'. What am I doing wrong here. Please help troubleshoot.



  4. Zach,

    I plugged the following into the Axonometric View component (see screen capture of this at XYZ of a triangle's vertices into the 'extents'. XYZ of the triangle's centroid into the 'target' and XYZ of the triangle's centroid which I offset in the Z axis by 10 mts into the 'eye'.

    I have an error "Unable to cast object of type 'List' to type 'Container". Can you help me fix this?


  5. for the "extents", try passing the element itself into it, that is, don't pass the triangle's vertices, rather the family itself. Extents is the bounding box of the Revit element.

  6. Is it possible to take a point on the panel. Extend it and make a sectionview perpendicular to the panel. Then make the extents of that section an offset of the extents of the panel.
    Than you'll have a section that you can tag, dimension, ect, ect.
    Would love to see that


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