Sequences and Ranges in Dynamo

Usually when a person is making stuff in Dynamo, they aren't making just one or 2 things.  More often than not, you are actually making a ton of stuff, series or related ranges of items.  This can require inputting lists of numbers to position and arrange your stuff.

Some standard nodes exist for this, namely Number Range and Number Sequence

But you can also insert ranges and sequences directly into certain nodes following this syntax

0..4 will yield  0,1,2,3,4

0..4..2 will yield 0,2,4

0..1..#5 will yield 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1

Start..#List Length..Interval
0..#4..10 will yield 0,10,20,30

Additionally, you can insert variables within the ranges and sequences like 0..#a..50


  1. Inserting variables in the Number node could be really powerful. I miss the previous functionality of adding singular list items, but acknowledge the UI was a bit shaky due to the Return not exiting the node. +1 for a comeback, with perhaps using some delimiter since those Germans want to use the comma as a decimal! %^(

  2. seems the new version of dynamo dose not contain number of range and number sequence node. are there any other node actually replace those two? thanks

  3. Those are still in the application . . . Browse to List>Create or just search for "number"


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