5th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving

Do you ever feel like stabbing something . . . over and over. Maybe ripping the top off and pulling its innards out? Well this is the season for you! 

It's time for the 5th Annual Buildz Parametric Pumpkin Carving! Sharpen your knives and dull your mind, time to express the design intent and relational organization of pumpkins! 

Prizes, as always, will be awarded for The Goodest, The Baddest, and The Mostest Parametric. 

Remember that we at Buildz Open Sores Software and Vegetable Perforations LLP are platform agnostic. Submit entries from whatever platform you are comfortable in: Fusion, Digital Project, Processing, Live Buildings, Bit Blocks, interpretive dance, all are welcome. Our factory judges are not judgy (but we will ridicule you for thoughtless use of knee-jerk anti-skeuomorphism). 

Along with receiving bragging rights, the winners will have their work showcased on these pages to the other reader of Buildz, and receive a valuable piece of Buildz schwag. Entries must be received by 12 noon EST Oct 28. Winners will be announced at midnight on Halloween. 

So pour yourself a Cement Mixer, upgrade the firmware on your Digi-Comp II, and make a generative, SAAS, data-matched, debt-ceilinged, always on, sledge-hammer licking Jack O’Lantern. Post entries to zachkron@gmail.com, at least a screenshot, but feel free to send models, journals, parameters, videos, scripts, whatever, modeled in whatever you like. If you have some ginormous file, please send a link or let me know and we can work out some kind of upload. 

It makes the pumpkin or else it gets the hose!