Data from Others

Yes.  It turns out that there are people who use tools other than Revit and Vasari to make their stuff.

Crazy, I know!  But it's true.

Regardless, we in the Dynamo anarcho-syndicalist commune are less interested in your platform and more interested in your DATA.  We love your data, we want to be close to it, reference it, parse it, and convert it into high grade BIM.  

Spreadsheets are, in many ways, the lingua franca of the AEC world, and Dynamo is working to speak that language.  Here is one example.

Datasets available for download here.  (These files are made using the latest "bleeding edge" development builds from here)


  1. Just keeps getting better!

  2. This dynamo file is not booting for me? Ps, great work on Dynamo

  3. Are you using the most recent builds from the above link? Needs to be something from the last week or so

  4. Yea just figured that out. Have updated and things are improved. Thanks

  5. Hello Zach, you inspired me to create this: I used your dynamo script to create a bridge shape. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love your work Zach! Just started learning Dynamo myself so please upload more Tutes. Thanks.


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