Happy Halloween V

(Ritchie Jackson, in solidarity with the Boston Red Sox, submitted the proper interpretation of a pumpkin carving.  I'm under slept, so it took me a little while to figure that one out.)

But on to the BIMkins!  A lovely batch again this year, with segmented orange harvest season parametric goodness.

The Goodest

This years award for the pumpkin that shows all that is harmonious and ordered, hack free and quantifiable in a parametric pumpkin goes to Alfredo Medina.
Alfredo Medina's MEP pumpkin asks the question "have you ever scheduled a pumpkin?"

And what exactly are we scheduling?  All MEP fixtures!  Ducts, connectors, conduits, all counted and measured.
And you don't have to look too closely before asking . . . is that a commode nose?
Yes . . .. yes it is.
Download Alfredo's pumpkin from here.

The Baddest

Kelvin Tam's PumPin
The award for the pumpkin embodying uncanny scariness, a serious and terrifying aspect.

Something happened to the staff at Buildz in the late 80's.  We all uniformly have a debilitating terror associated with the Pinhead character from Hellraiser.
Don't get us wrong Kelvin.  We appreciate the deft handling of surface normals, and the satisfying bounce and spring in the resizable and pleasingly rounded aspect of this submission.  All masterful.

But Manni, the summer intern (who thinks we are still paying into his direct deposit and hasn't gone back to school) hasn't been able to sleep in his nest in the server room since seeing this.  And Franz, our web guru, LEED expert, and coffee gopher, has been completely useless . . . just rocking back and forth muttering "come to daddy"  So, thanks for that, Kelvin.

The Mostest Parametric

Philip Chan's the Nightmare Before Halloween.
Remember those little rubber squeezy toys that, when you sat on it, or gave it to your dog, the eyes would pop out like a chihuahua on amphetamines?
Well, unlike the chihuahua, this one has a an actual check box to pop out the eyes.
The scale factor can go any size 1 or below, which changes the head size. You can control the smile length (mouth_length) as well as the teeth number. It's also hella big . . . coming in at a hefty 241mb, which Philip attributes to the rather elaborate eyelashes
We tend to agree.  (Also, since when do pumpkins have eyelashes?)

Philip also gives a shout out to Kelvin Tam and Andy Milburn for the tips and tricks he has learned from them to make this pumpkin.

Best in Breed/Off topic

We really don't know what to do with Andy Milburn's fabulous stuff anymore. Last year it was close enough to pumpkin based that we welcomed his Sleeping Beauty/Archimboldo extravaganza of harvest vegetables into the general arena of pumpkin carving.  This year we are treated to another BIM opera of taste, color, form, and visual excitement . . . and once again it is a stunning tour of the parametric capabilities of Revit.

But it just isn't a pumpkin carving!
It is however an 11 blog post long study in proportion, perspective, perception, art history and MEP hash pipes.   Words fail, yet again Andy.  Thanks so much for being you. And dear readers, please please please frequent Andy's site for some profound insights.
Read more about this work and download the models from here.

A final heartfelt thank you to all our contestants.  Philip, Kelvin, Alfredo, and Andy, please send in your mailing addresses and shirt sizes!


  1. Congratulations to all.
    So pleased you found a way to recognise Andy Milburn's extraordinay, crazy, inspired work! reading his blogs was quite an adventure.

  2. Thanks a million, Zach. I received my t-shirt and post card. Very nice! Thanks to the Buildz Staff.


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