Galactic Pumpkraft

3 best things I saw this weekend:

  • Marvel Comics Dazzler issue #11, featuring this image of Galactus, godlike cosmic traveler, devourer of planets:

Loungin' like a boss in his fine post modern laz-e-boy.  A lesson to all you would be world dominators to occasionally kick back and take it easy.

  • 11 year old Green-Octopus-Spider-man's Minecraft stuff made real via jMc2Obj to Meshmixer to Repetier to Printrbot.
  • Revit Structural Framing and Floor pumpkin sketches via Dynamo (git yer red-hot pumpkin maker component on the Package Manager now)
15 days to Pumpkin!  What better way to celebrate Invasion Day than with digital pumpkin carving?